PBB Recommended Books and DVDs

This revised and updated page includes a selection of the most highly recommended books, videos, and links mentioned in Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers. Ordering through these links will help us continue to maintain and expand this site as the top secular parenting resource online.

See the Resource section at the end of each book chapter for brief reviews and reader age information.

General Parenting and Family

The Inquiring Mind

Living and Teaching Ethics

Religious Literacy

Character, Values, Meaning and Purpose

Body and Sexuality

Celebrations and Passages

Death and Life

Planning Nonreligious Funerals and Memorials
Helping Kids Think About Death
Best Kid Lit Addressing the Topic of Death
Navigating Grief for Kids, Teens, and Parents
When a Pet Dies

Finding and Creating Communities

Additional Resources - General

Humanism for Kids, Family of Humanists, 1997.

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