About Parents Beyond Belief

Parents Beyond Belief is a blog by, for, and about secular parents. It’s a place to exchange ideas, to learn what has and hasn’t worked elsewhere, to discover how best to get a new secular parenting group airborne, and to realize you’re not remotely alone.

Co-hosted by Dale McGowan, author/editor of Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers, and Rebekah Bennetch of Saskatoon Secular Family Network.

Want to submit a post about secular parenting for consideration? Contact Rebekah or Dale.

Looking for more reflections on secular parenting? Check out The Meming of Life and its blogroll of secular parenting resources online.

8 Responses to About Parents Beyond Belief

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  2. bluesmurf says:

    How do I get our Chattanooga TN, group listed on here? Thank you! :)

  3. Rebekah says:

    I’ll add your group to the blogroll later this week! Thanks! :)

  4. Teaboa says:

    Hi – how do I go about updating the URL you have associated to our group? We’ve changed providers – the link you reference here – VA: NoVES Sunday School for Ethics (Vienna) – needs to go to this page now – http://www.noves.org/article/4/sunday-school-for-ethics. Thanks so much! and fwiw – our sunday school has been growing by leaps and bounds this year. We now have 28 kids every sunday and everyone is having a great time.

    • Rebekah says:

      Thanks for letting me know — I’ll update the link! That’s great about your group. Would you be interested in writing an entry about it? I’m sure others would love to hear about its success! My email is above — contact me if you’re interested.

  5. GodlessComplex says:

    Hi, can we get our secular parenting group listed here, please? It’s https://www.facebook.com/groups/Secular.Humanist.Parents.TriCities/. We’re located in the Tri-Cities, WA. Thanks!

  6. momcarissa says:

    Any groups in Northeast Fort Worth / Keller area. Or any moms interested in starting a group?

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