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The Life and Times of My Freethinking Family

by Jessica Kelton My journey to Parenting Beyond Belief has been a long one, filled with questions, confusion, reason, logic, and finally—at least some degree of clarity. My husband and I have quite the task at hand in encouraging our … Continue reading

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Inoculating Children Against Supernaturalism

by Kevin Zimmerman Protecting our children from religion and its symptoms—such as dichotomous thinking, the externalization of blame, and perpetual guilt—may be one of the greatest gifts that we can bestow. Some freethinking parents feel uneasy sharing their skepticism of … Continue reading

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More For Your Holiday: Try Chalica

by Evan Austin Christmas is in just a few weeks. That simple phrase about one of the most widely-celebrated holidays in the world can thrill us with sugary imaginings, wet our eyes with tender memories, choke us with consumer anxiety, … Continue reading

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Bible stories for the nonreligious

by Tom Kliethermes My daughter is somewhat interested in the Greek myths. She loves hearing about the gods and goddesses and their exploits from some of the more famous stories. It’s easy to find books written for kids on the … Continue reading

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A new book for secular families

by Kelly Mochel, One World, Many Beliefs Before I had kids, I always knew how fun holidays (especially Christmas) would be once I did – sharing the excitement, the baking, decorating, the build-up, starting our own traditions, the whole thing. … Continue reading

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Fables – A Force for Good or Just a Fallacy?

by Kathleen Allen, Fellowship of Reason I wasn’t raised going to church, never attended Sunday school or Wednesday night bible study.  I didn’t even own a bible, children’s or King James, until I took home one from my room at … Continue reading

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Our kids and religious literacy

by Sharon Stanley, Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island As a child and a young teenager, I enjoyed the rituals my family participated in our reformed Jewish home.  I especially enjoyed leading the “Seders” as a child and young teenager.  … Continue reading

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Those Scary Three-Letter Words

by Wendy Thomas Russell Talking openly with your children about sensitive subjects is hard. It always has been. The topic my parents used to fear is S-E-X. My sister was 13 when my dad decided it was time to have … Continue reading

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Aren’t You Denying Your Children The Opportunity to Be Religious?

by Eric Shepherd There’s a good joke about Unitarian Universalists. Q: “What’s a Unitarian Universalist?” A: “An Atheist with children.” Apart from being funny, the joke pinpoints a growing phenomenon in our society. Many people who were brought up in … Continue reading

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December dilemma

by Rebekah Bennetch, Saskatoon Secular Family Network Oh the dilemmas of being a nonbeliever in December! What do you do if you are a faithless family in the middle of a month full of religious holidays? This last Tuesday the … Continue reading

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