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Equality beyond belief

by Lindsay Shrewsbury With equal rights for the LGBT community front and center these days, I felt the pull to expand on a recent Facebook post of mine (in reaction to the Supreme Court’s hearings on Prop 8 and DOMA). … Continue reading

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“Crashing the Party”

by Clare Wuellner, board member of Foundation Beyond Belief I can’t remember where I read it, but sometime late last year, someone on-line posed the request: “Tell us about your non-theistic holiday traditions.” Our family has Christmas covered. My in-laws … Continue reading

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The Life and Times of My Freethinking Family

by Jessica Kelton My journey to Parenting Beyond Belief has been a long one, filled with questions, confusion, reason, logic, and finally—at least some degree of clarity. My husband and I have quite the task at hand in encouraging our … Continue reading

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Christianity and the pressure to believe

by Lisa Morguess My ten-year old son, Joey, announced to me a while back that he is atheist.  When he said that, it made me a little uncomfortable.  For some reason, it feels a little different to me to hear … Continue reading

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An Evolution of Our Own Making

by Kimberly Hansen, from the group Parenting Beyond Religion For some among the ranks of humanists and atheists, their secular world view has been lifelong. But for many more of us, we have transitioned from a religious worldview, full of … Continue reading

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To Cut or Not to Cut? Infant Male Circumcision

by Zachary Moore I suppose it’s never too early to begin embarrassing my son, so I’ll take this opportunity to talk at length about his penis. I didn’t think it would be such a hot topic so early in his … Continue reading

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A Secular Easter, take two

by Amy Smith Three years ago Easter Sunday we attended our church just as we did every Sunday.  Only this Easter was different.  This year we were sitting in the pews not as fully committed members but rather as silent … Continue reading

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Secular Easter

by Amy Scott “When are you going to hide those eggs with jelly beans inside of them?” “Is the Easter bunny going to bring us something for Easter?” These are some of the recent questions posed to me by my … Continue reading

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Share your story!

Do you have a secular parenting experience you would like to share with the PBB audience? We’re looking for more guest authors for blog posts! Your post can be about anything related to your journey as a secular parent or … Continue reading

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Darwin Day 2013

Each year in early February or on Darwin’s birthday, February 12th, a global celebration of science and reason takes place. Is your group participating in any celebrations? Looking for an event near you? Check out the International Darwin Day Foundation’s … Continue reading

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