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Seminar news in game show form

Match the nicknames to the cities:

1. Chicago
2. Colorado Springs
3. New York

A. The Big Apple
B. The Windy City
C. The Vatican of Evangelical Christianity

Well done! Bonus round:

Q: What do all three cities have in common?

A. All three include the letter O as in “Obama”
B. All three exclude the letter B as in “Bush”
C. All three are hosting the Parenting Beyond Belief seminar in the coming weeks
D. All of the above

(Answer: D as in “Dale is punchy with writer’s fatigue and posting gibberish.”)

If you’ll be in one of these cities on the dates indicated, why not click on a link below and register for the seminar? I promise to get some sleep before I get there.

Chicago (Jan 24)
Colorado Springs (Mar 1)
New York (Brooklyn) (Mar 28)



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  1. I’ll see ya this weekend at the Chicago seminar!

    Comment: BrianE – 21. January 2009 @ 3:54 pm

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