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A series of short posts while I’m writing a book on the secular/religious mixed marriage.

greenplusI’m going to spend over a hundred pages of the book looking at the specific problems and tensions that can arise when one partner is religious and the other is not and suggesting ways to address and overcome them.

Sometimes it just can’t be done — the negatives of the mix overwhelm the relationship and bring it to an end.

But in many cases, couples not only find their way through the challenges but can name specific advantages to marrying across that gap. The last chapter looks at those benefits, drawn mostly from a single open question near the end of the survey. I’ve been swimming in those answers all day today, and oh, the water’s fine.

The answers fall into about a dozen categories. I’m not going to get into the deets until the survey closes, but it’s really encouraging stuff — and a nice antidote to the long shelf of books claiming there’s nothing but grief in the mix.



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  1. While likely not relevant to your current work, I’m curious your thoughts on non-religious partners who deal with their religious relatives (or friends or co-workers) in different ways. It’s probably the only relgious disagrement my spouse and I have: he is much more straightforward about his atheism and I am not so good at that.

    Comment: downfroggy – 28. July 2013 @ 9:59 pm

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