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Music, Secular Parenting, Mortality – Which of These Podcasts Would You Listen To?

In September, I launched a podcast about music to support a book proposal on the topic. But something unexpected happened: within a few weeks, the podcast overtook the book for me. It’s the perfect way to talk about music. But I also fell hard for the medium in general, especially in a storytelling mode, and creating and publishing continuously is SO much more satisfying than the two-year timeline of the average book from proposal to print.

So I want podcasting at the center of my creative work for the coming year. HOW MUSIC DOES THAT is now 10 episodes in, and I’ve recorded pilots for two new shows: RAISING FREETHINKERS, about raising kids without religion, and THE LUCKY ONES, about an aging atheist’s complicated relationship with death (humor and philosophy). Now I need to know which of the three shows are worth continuing.

If you can take a bite of the three episodes below, then complete the survey, that’ll help me decide whether to re-launch in January with 1, 2, or 3 shows. Thanks for your help! – Dale


[download ep. 1]

Listen to “1 Origin Story” on Spreaker.


[download ep. 1]

Listen to “Ep 1: The Evolution of Cool” on Spreaker.


[download ep. 1]

Listen to “Ch 1: In Which the Author Dies, and Someone Else has to finish writing the Book” on Spreaker.



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