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    Does somebody need a hug?

    like-button1A series of short posts while I’m writing a book on the secular/religious mixed marriage.

    Continuing to mine Putnam and Campbell’s American Grace for useful insights, and it’s never-ending. What a great piece of work.

    One fascinating bit is a “feeling thermometer” that charts how all the various religious and nonreligious identities in the U.S. feel about each other. Their findings, and I quote:

    • Almost everyone likes mainline Protestants and Jews.
    • Almost everyone likes Catholics, more than Catholics like everyone else.
    • Evangelicals like almost everyone else more than they are liked in return.
    • Catholics and evangelicals rate each other warmly.
    • Mormons like everyone else, while almost everyone else dislikes Mormons. Jews are the exception, as they give Mormons a net positive rating.
    • Almost everyone dislikes Muslims and Buddhists — more than any other group. Jews, however, are quite warm toward Buddhists, while cool toward Muslims.

    Almost everyone dislikes Buddhists. Buddhists.

    Mormons have the highest self-image of any group (a warmth rating of 87 out of 100), while those who identify as “not religious” have the lowest self-image (59). In fact, we rate ourselves lower than either Jews or Mormons rate us — 64 and 61, respectively.

    We like ourselves less than Mormons like us.

    I think somebody needs a hug.

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