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    Sharing stories: the religious/nonreligious marriage

    As you may know, I am writing a book on marriage between religious and nonreligious partners. In addition to an upcoming survey, I am collecting stories to personalize the issues. If your marriage straddles that religious/nonreligious divide, I’d like to hear your insights and stories by using this form.

    Possible topics include:

  • The first discussion of your different views
  • Extended family issues
  • Dating across lines of belief
  • The wedding
  • Churchgoing
  • Holidays
  • Family identity issues
  • Talking about differences in belief
  • Kids and baptism, naming, circumcision, etc.
  • Kids and churchgoing / Sunday school
  • Kids and religious identity
  • Separation or divorce
  • Death, loss, funerals
  • Other/General

    Submit one story or ten, one sentence or a hundred. What have you learned? What would you do differently? What has made your relationship stronger, and what weakened it? Are you both in the same place belief-wise that you were when you married? Did kids bring out the complexities of the issues in a whole new way? Has the mixed marriage made you more tolerant of other beliefs…or less?

    Thanks in advance for anything you can give. I can’t wait to read them. The form will be available until July 1, so no particular rush. Take your time and dig deep, then click here to submit your stories!

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