The Meming of Life: on secular parenting and other natural wonders

And there you have it

If it wasn’t obvious from the year of radio silence, the Meming of Life is a thing of the past. There are still about 700 posts below this one, but it’s time to stop pretending I will ever Duggar up more siblings for them.

The first post was in March 2007, just ten months after I quit my day job teaching college in Minnesota. I had nothing but time and a book to promote. I sat around Googling the book title and blogging like a guy with nothing but time and a new book to promote. My kids were 5, 9, and 12.

A lot has happened since then. All that extra time and headspace are gone, but they went to good places. In addition to the blog, I wrote four more books and started a humanist nonprofit. I’ve taught secular parenting workshops in 32 cities while ghost-writing 800+ articles for other people and parenting my kids up to 12, 16, and 19. This year — coincidentally just as my oldest started college — I added two more part-time jobs: National Director of Ethical Education for the American Ethical Union and managing editor of the Atheist Channel at Patheos.

Now I have no time, and my head is kind of broken from seven intense years of writing — more than 1.4 million public words in all. Yeah, I counted. So I need a really long and mostly wordless nap.

I am not complainingit’s all deeply satisfying work. But you can see why the Meming of Life has to be all done now. Once in a while I’ll post something at The Secular Spectrum, a new group blog I’m overseeing at Patheos. In fact, I seem to have written something there this morning. And at some point I’ll come back here and make a list of my own favorite posts from MoL.

Thanks for reading all these years. A lot of the ideas that ended up in my books and talks started here, often spurred by something in the comments. You’ve always been very decent to me and to each other, not a common thing online. The Contact link in the sidebar still works, so keep in touch!