Excerpt from Atheism for Dummies

A friend who heard I was writing Atheism For Dummies said it would be the skinniest book on the shelf. “Just one sentence long,” he said. “‘Atheists are people who don’t believe in God.’”

I replied by suggesting a book on the Grand Canyon: “The Grand Canyon is a big hole in Arizona.” Of course that sentence would miss most of what’s really worth knowing about the Grand Canyon — its geology and geography, how it came to be, its wildlife and formations, and its significance among other formations on the planet.

Must-Read Books for Atheist Parents: Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers

Have you ever been worried about being parents in the 21st century, especially for the first time? I bet you did some time, and some are even worried too much about being parents. I understand this feeling because I was in the same situation when I had my little girl for the first time. 

Caption: Being a good parent in modern society is not an easy thing

How about bringing up your children to become a freethinker? Yes, we all want our child to be independent in thinking and doing. 

Dale McGowan’s great and caring aide Parenting Beyond Belief was the thorough primary book to offer a general way of thinking of non-religious child-rearing. Raising Freethinkers is a down to earth spin-off, giving explicit responses to regular inquiries and over 100 exercises for guardians and their kids. 

To get to know more about the outlook of two different books among many helpful books for parenting on Parenting Weekly, please read my brief review below. These two are for people who are expecting to be parents and want to achieve more successful parenting methods.